Sentinel RedHead
You might not dive ancient wrecks or explore deep virgin caves for a living... but your rebreather should be built like you do.

When we say that the Sentinel RedHead is 'engineered for exploration', we really do mean it - the Sentinel RedHead is built from the ground up to meet the demands of the most challenging environments. You don't need to be a cutting-edge explorer to benefit from the Sentinel's unique design - whether you're pushing the limits of exploration or simply diving for fun, the Sentinel RedHead will take you there.

The Sentinel RedHead closed circuit rebreather is the choice of dive explorers across the globe. From remote caves to the deep wrecks of the Baltic and beyond, many of the world's leading explorers rely on the Sentinel RedHead to help them push the very limits of dive exploration.

To truly appreciate just how good the Sentinel RedHead is, we strongly believe that you need to take one for a dive. We now offer you the opportunity to 'try dive' the Sentinel RedHead for yourself on one of the many try dive dates we have lined up over the coming months.
At home in any environment...
Deep Caves
From the caves of France, Florida and beyond, the Sentinel has helped to push the boundaries of cave exploration
Deep Wrecks
The Sentinel has visited some of the world's most famous deep wrecks - from the Britannic to the Andrea Doria
Deep Fun
You don't have to be a cutting edge explorer to dive the Sentinel - it's at home on a blue water reef too!
Introducing the new
Sentinel RedHead CCR
The Sentinel RedHead closed circuit rebreather combines excellent CE-proven performance across all tests with a simple user interface and new robust, modular assembly.

Evolving from the Sentinel Expedition, it offers multiple upgrades on breathing performance, weight, reliability, field servicing, travel flexibility, PO2 tracking, configuration and software.

These upgrades take the Sentinel to a class leading level of performance with true integrated resource life support capability. The RedHead has the clearest early warning system for ALL resources available on an expedition-grade CCR.

Subjecting each component to intense scrutiny has resulted in a step forward in diving enjoyment, performance and safety.

The best just got better...
Experience rock-solid oxygen setpoint control delivering just +/- 0.02 Bar variation at 100 metres
Breathe easy with the lowest work of breathing of any rebreather on the market
Robust plug and play components can be switched out in the field - no specialist tools required
With trimix software enabled as standard, the RedHead is ready for trimix from day one
We don't charge extra for a carbon dioxide sensor - it's fitted as standard on the RedHead
The new RedHead features a new travel-friendly modular design with significant weight savings
No faffing with batteries - both the oxygen sensor module and primary pod are now fully rechargeable
Quick and convenient wireless downloading of dive log data direct to your personal computer
PO2 Tracking...
Knowing your PO2 is the golden rule of technical diving! The flipside of this is keeping that PO2 steady throughout the dive - fluctuations and wobbles don't help.

No other rebreather on the market can match the Sentinel RedHead for its precise control over oxygen injection, offering a massive step forward in dive safety. The most precise adjustment is just 50 milliseconds long, delivering just +/- 0.02 Bar variation at 100 metres. No other unit on the market comes even close.

PO2 is monitored by the RedHead via three cells, with custom sampling rates to deliver fine control and adjustment. Breath a bit quicker, descend or ascend - the RedHead will have your PO2 nailed back in place with varying injection rates to suit ascending, descending or stops.
Redundancy & Modularity...
All technical diving requires a backup system and the Sentinel RedHead offers a backup process for virtually any scenario.

It includes manual bypasses, component control and a complete Independent Secondary that uses a 100% separate information route to track PO2 and decompression obligations live. That's a second trimix CCR computer working for you, included as standard!

The RedHead features robust plug and play cable connectors to enable rapid component swapping for diagnosis and trouble shooting.

Damage to individual components in remote locations is no longer trip or dive ending when combined the with 'Platinum triage kit' concept for team diving. The kit includes spare handsets and other critical modules to be taken to remote locations ready for instant use with minimum tools.

Life Support:
Early warning before
the Incident Pit...
All rebreather divers agree that they need enough breathable gas, a working scrubber and battery power that will last the dive.

Each dive is spent monitoring these resources by contents gauge, O2 cells and maybe checking for headaches to detect CO2 (the ability of the human body to detect CO2 before problem levels is not reliable).

The Sentinel RedHead takes the legwork out of these checks by directly monitoring PO2, CO2, HP on diluent and O2, plus sofnalime temperature and battery levels, leaving you to focus on enjoying your dive.

When levels are normal, the Sentinel RedHead displays a green light on the HUD. Problems display as either a 'manageable error' flashing blue green, or a 'Bailout' flashing red, backed up by a patented buzzer. Further information to prompt fault finding and problem resolution is found on the handset. It's a very simple system that works.

The Sentinel RedHead is able to relate remaining CO2 'scrubbing' time to divers metabolic activity, giving accuracy of scrubber use that is not available on any other CCR. The harder you work, the more CO2 you will produce and the shorter your sofnalime will last. The Sentinel RedHead takes away the guesswork.
Electronics Vault
At the heart of the Sentinel RedHead lies the electronics vault. Machined to fine tolerances from Delrin, the electronic brain is formed from plug and play boards with moisture repellent coating, encased in a robust pod.

All connections to this pod are internally potted to limit water ingress and it is removable for electronics protection during travel. The weakness of any rebreather system is the depth sensor - this is now potted into its own mount to reduce possible water ingress from sensor or o-ring failure.
Stable Gaseous
CO2 monitoring...
The Sentinel RedHead rebreather features the world's first and only gaseous quadruple carbon dioxide (CO2) filter monitoring system that provides unparalleled level of confidence and safety.

Whilst other manufacturers offer CO2 monitoring as an expensive optional extra, the Sentinel rebreather is fitted with full CO2 monitoring as standard - we're the only rebreather manufacturer to include this all-important safety feature at no additional cost.

The Sentinel's CO2 monitoring system uses Infrared technology to detect CO2 levels within the rebreather. It's primary functions are to to ensure active obsorbent has been fitted, to ensure that the obsorbent sealing systems are operative and to warn of reduced obsorbent efficiency resulting in elevated CO2 levels, giving the diver time to respond. To ensure stable and accurate readings, the CO2 sensor is positioned within the warm and dry inhale side of the unit - effectively measuring your next breath before you've taken it.

The CO2 sensor features a lifespan of several years (dependent on use) and needs only to be periodically calibrated in ambient air. An integral filter system is user changeable and spare filters are supplied.
Scrubber Duration...
Whether you're diving for fun or pushing the very limits of dive exploration, the Sentinel RedHead boasts a cutting edge scrubber design that delivers exploration grade performance.

Based around a relatively small 2.2 kg axial scrubber design, the Sentinel RedHead's scrubber offers the longest CE-test duration on the market - a massive 4 hours under rigorous test conditions. What's more, our scrubber is rated in 4 degrees centigrade water - not tropical conditions!

The secret to this market-leading performance is an efficient design that incorporates an air gap around the scrubber that acts like a Thermos® flask, effectively insulating the scrubber from the environment around it. This insulation ensures that the Sentinel RedHead doesn't suffer from the massive endurance reduction with depth that plagues other rebreathers on the market and provides a very dry environment for the oxygen cells, significantly improving sensor accuracy and lifespan.

The Sentinel RedHead's scrubber is quite literally 'engineered for exploration'...
Unrivalled work
of breathing...
The Sentinel RedHead rebreather excels with one of the lowest work of breathing of any rebreather on the market - just 0.48 Joules per litre at 100 metres on 10/80 trimix.

Work of breathing (WOB) is an important consideration when choosing which rebreather is right for you - poor work of breathing can lead to increased CO2 levels and a generally unpleasant diving experience.

With the Sentinel RedHead, exceptionally low work of breathing is achieved through a fusion of intelligent design and use of only the highest quality components. The Sentinel's unique single back-mounted inhale counterlung is positioned centrally between the canister and chest to aid work of breathing. Gas flow is further enhanced thanks to a superior canister design and high quality large bore breathing hoses.

Completing the ensemble, the Sentinel RedHead benefits from ultra-flexible, large bore silicon mushroom valves to aid gas flow, reduce CO2 and deliver an enjoyable diving experience.
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Exploration-grade scrubber duration
Unrivalled low work of breathing
CE approved BOV fitted as standard
Primary & Secondary HUD with vibration
Fully intelligent secondary handset
OLED colour displays as standard
Stable gaseous CO2 monitoring
Independent Waterproof cabling
Integrated high pressure monitoring
Rechargeable primary batteries
Rear-mounted counterlung
User-prompting predive safety checks
Sophisticated scrubber life monitoring
Multiple levels of fault management
Industry-leading support
Cylinders, wing & harness included
Fully loaded and ready to dive...
No other rebreather on the market comes even close to the level of specification offered as standard by the Sentinel RedHead closed circuit rebreather.

When you buy a Sentinel RedHead, you're buying an exploration-grade rebreather that's complete and ready to dive. Put simply, no additional extras are required to take the Sentinel RedHead diving - it really is supplied as a 'ready to dive' unit that includes everything you need. We include cylinders, harness, wing, stainless steel backplate, oxygen cells, CO2 sensor - everything!

There's so much more to the Sentinel RedHead than a list of standard parts - it really is the most capable unit on the market. It's the fusion of so many unique technologies - from it's OLED handsets and 'plug and play' waterproof cabling to its fully CE-approved BOV, primary & secondary HUD and multiple levels of fault management that makes the Sentinel RedHead the choice of dive explorers across the globe.

It's easy to see why dive explorers flock to the Sentinel RedHead. At the very core of the unit's design is the fundamental principle that the diver is always better on rather than off the loop - to make this possible, multiple levels of overrides and redundancy are built in to ensure the operation of critical systems.

With multiple levels of operation to ensure resilient responses to problems, bailing off to OC is very much a final solution used only to diagnose problems before returning to closed circuit operation.
Buying your new
Sentinel RedHead CCR
If all the safety features and benefits of Sentinel diving have convinced you that the Sentinel RedHead is for you, the next step is to find an instructor.

Your choice of instructor is as important as your choice of rebreather. You need an instructor who teaches like you learn, who has a deep understanding of the Sentinel RedHead and will continue to support you after you qualify - even if that's just answering all those little questions that we all have once you start your journey down the CCR path.

For unqualified CCR divers, new RedHead Sentinels can only be purchased through a VMS-approved instructor who will also deliver your training - VMS only sells direct to existing Sentinel-qualified divers.

We've made it simple to find an instructor - you can view the complete list on our website. We've only listed instructors who own and are actively diving their units, with a special red shading for those who have completed the orientation to the extras on the RedHead.
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